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Santiago Ráfales 2022 19m

Available worldwide (Except in Switzerland)


• Angers’ Students Prize - Premiers Plans FF


Biel and Sara are 10 years old and are enjoying the last few days of summer. However, everything changes when in a game their friendship is put to the test. The world that Biel thought he had under control will break and from this moment on, he will no longer know what to think or feel.

About the director

Santiago Ráfales

Santiago Ráfales (Zaragoza, 1997), is a screenwriter and director. In 2017, he obtained a full scholarship to study film at ESCAC (Escuela Superior de Cine y Audiovisuales de Catalunya) where he obtained a degree in film directing. In 2022 he debuts as film director with THE THINGS TO COME (2022), his graduation project which won the award for Best Spanish Short Film at the Valladolid International Film Festival (SEMINCI). It has also been selected at Premiers Plans Angers 2024.

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