Out of Competition

The film chronicles the troubled and venturesome making of Fellini’s masterpiece; a film we thought we knew all about and yet we don’t, as Pedersoli’s film shows. The director is the grandson of the film’s producer Giuseppe Amato, without whom Fellini’s work would have never seen the light of day. On October 20, 1959, Amato, a producer of many neorealist gems, is sitting in an empty screening room watching what would become Federico Fellini’s most celebrated work after the film has been turned down by all other producers. The director’s cut is over four hours long: Fellini is unwilling to make any changes to his version and Rizzoli is not going to distribute it as it is. Peppino Amato is about to make the hardest decision he has ever had to make.

About the director:

GIUSEPPE PEDERSOLI (Rome, Italy, 1961) is a documentary filmmaker, producer and screenwriter. He is the son of famous actor Carlo Pedersoli, better known as Bud Spencer, and the grandson of producer Giuseppe Amato. Among the films he worked on as producer are SPEAKING OF THE DEVIL (1991), and TROUBLEMAKERS (1994), both starring his father, the TV series NOI SIAMO ANGELI (1997), as well as the direct-to-TV films PADRE SPERANZA (2005) and I DELITTI DEL CUOCO (2010). He was among the producers of the Julius Caesar series (2004) featuring Richard Harris, Christopher Walken and Valeria Golino. In 2009 he produced Massimo Venier’s comedy GENERATION 1000 EUROS.