David di Donatello Award for Best Supporting Actress, Tokyo International Film Festival Award for Best Director and Best Actress


“If I have to die, I want to die my way” Maria’s time flows along with the river. She walks firmly, her hood up. A hand-to-mouth life, without dreams nor desires, spent taking care of her mother and at the service of a merciless, bejewelled old lady. With her brave-eyed Pit bull, Maria ferries pregnant women across the river, leading them to an infernal fate. But hope will pay her a visit, in its most ancestral and powerful form, as miraculous as life itself, teaching Maria that staying human is the greatest of all revolutions.


Pina Turco, Massimiliano Rossi, Marina Confalone, Cristina Donadio, Marcello Romolo


Edoardo De Angelis


Tramp Limited, O' Groove, Medusa Film