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Rocio, a Colombian immigrant living in New York, is forced to work as a cleaner. After a phone call with her family, she learns that her grandmother is severely ill and is about to pass away. While communicating at a distance becomes more difficult, Rocio will use technology to say farewell to her grandmother.

About the director

Natalia Luque is a Chilean director and screenwriter currently pursuing a Film MFA at Columbia University. Her short film Soy Sola has screened in Latin America, Europe and the United States, where it was granted the Jury Award in the DGA Student Competition. She is developing her first feature film Decorous Woman, which recently won a national grant; and she prepares her thesis short film “So They Say,” which will be shot in Southern Chile.


Natalia Luque


Natalia Luque

Director of Photography

Gianna Badiali


Kathy Esquenazi, Natalia Luque


Carlos Aznarez