As the Xingu indigenous live in close symbiosis with water, rivers in Sao Paulo are perishing due to worrying levels of water pollution from chemicals used in the agrobusiness industry and plastic. This short movie captures the relationship between the Xingu community and their river, and the emotions of one of them when he is taken to see Sao Paulo rivers. A poetic movie to denounce water pollution and the challenging prospects for the future of both indigenous people and city folks.

Curator’s sight:

A poetic hymn to the beauty of nature, to its cycles and to the meekness of human beings through the eyes of the natives of the Xingu, while the river of Sao Paulo are dying due to the greed and indifference of those who rule the world.

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These shorts movies are part of the anthology that follows ART for The World’s successful production of “Stories on Human Rights”, 22 short movies commissioned by UNHCR for the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

This new film anthology explores the concept of INTERDEPENDENCE and our urgent needs to reduce environmental damage and to preserve our natural resources, in respect of the four fundamental elements essential for our life on this Planet.


Daniela Thomas