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• Best performance special mention and Audience Award - Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2020
• Prix du Public - Festival Film LGBT Queer Montreal 2020
• Best Performance International - Feature Outfest Los Angeles 2020


Thiessa Woinbackk, Brazilian YouTuber influencer, shines in her role as Valentina, 17. In film, she used to be a boy, Raul. The film’s engaging plot centers around her efforts to overcome discrimination for her gender change, attend a new school in the countryside, where she and her loving mother hope she is seen simply as a valid human being (their utopia). But hiding her gender change won’t be easy, nor will finding her estranged father for a signature she needs to enroll. How supportive will her new friends be once they know the truth? Sexual assault and aggression are just around the corner. In Brazil 80% of transgender youth abandon school (Dos Santos interview in PIB: January 22, 2021). How does a teenager survive and even thrive with the challenge of transgender identity? How can schools and the broader community support them? Valentina gives us hope through her inspiring bravery. Dos Santos deftly succeeds in connecting us emotionally with these teenagers’ plight in his powerful, sensitively observed, debut.


Cassio Pereira dos Santos



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Cassio Pereira dos Santos
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