“A real tenderness and a beautiful invitation to travel in this dramatic comedy.” - Les Fiches du Cinéma

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Live Panel: Empathy and Education (Films RADIANCE and WALLAY)

Friday May 7 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (Seattle time)

WALLAY Film Director Berni Goldblat
Educator James H. Williams, UNESCO Chair in International Education for Development and Professor George Washington University



• Best European Youth Film - European Film Awards 2018


In this documentary-style fictional coming-of-age story, Ady, a rowdy, rule breaking 13 year-old growing up in France, is sent on vacation to Burkina Faso, his father’s homeland. In this unique West African, rural and Muslim cultural context, Ady’s expectations of daily life (like electricity and hot water) are challenged. His beliefs of what becoming a man entails are deeply shaken and he is pushed to repair past wrongs to his own family. His grandmother’s love is a comforting and transformative haven from his uncle’s severity. His attractive cousin of similar age, translates into French what his grandmother says in Dioula: “She wants to throw the cowry shells for you, look into your heart. You have to think about what you want, real hard.” His grandma continues: “My Little Hubby, one day you’ll be a man of your word. And you’ll shine like the sun.” This film provides a perceptive, often humorous, window into the dynamics and tensions of multicultural, multigenerational family and its crucial role in shaping character and responsibility. Swiss director Berni Goldblat’s admiration for his adopted homeland, Burkina Faso, comes alive in every frame.

About the director

Since 1999, Berni Goldblat has been directing films, mostly documentaries, set in West Africa. In 2009, his film, HILLSIDE CROWD, about work conditions in a gold mine in Burkina, won best documentary at the Brooklyn Film Festival. WALLAY is his first feature film.

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Berni Goldblat


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