“Delta Electronics Foundation has long been dedicated to climate issues. Water is the most important but neglected topic under climate change. The 8K technologies allows me to bring each audience the real visual experience on water and raise people’s awareness.” - Takashi Komuro

U.S. Premiere


• Gold Remi Award, Shorts Documentary Category - 53rd WorldFest Houston.


“Water with Life” is the world’s first 8K environmental documentary. It is a groundbreaking collaboration between Delta Electronics Foundation and NHK Enterprises, and it has been broadcasted on NHK BS 8K/4K channel over 1 year. It features Taiwan’s and Japan’s waterscape throughout four seasons and takes audience to an unprecedented journey that enables people to see diverse lives relying on water and serious impacts caused by global warming. With 8K high resolution, viewers can take a close look into the water environment and destruction.

About the director:

Mr. Komuro has produced TV commercials and promotional VTRs, including NHK TV programs like “Sweet Answer”, “Ultra Juuki Kyuukyoku No Chou Kyodai World”, “Precious Blue”, “Mimicries” and “Grand jete”. In “Sweet Answer”, launched the “Intellectual Martial Arts Series” in 2011 and in charge for main director for 6 years.

After the film, Mr. Wim Chang will share insights about making of this film in the “Filmmaker’s Talks” video instead of the director
Wim Chang
WIM CHANG, Chief Executive Officer of the Delta Electronics Foundation

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Takashi Komuro