“Rom-com covers familiar territory, with style.” - The Washington Post
“Hong Kong director and co-writer Pang Ho-Cheung sends up gender stereotypes and reinforces them in his contemporary yet not quite fresh confection, zeroing in on certain women’s girlie wiles.” - The Los Angeles Times


Angie and Marco’s friendship since college is so tight that they presume they are buddies forever until Marco falls for a girl whom he met on a business trip.  Angie’s true feelings come to the surface, but will she be able to sabotage the new couple and speak up? Shot on locations in Shanghai and Taiwan, Women Who Flirt is an “ultra-pop confection.” Director Pang once again proves to be one of the most talented and versatile directors on the Asian scene. 

About the director:

Pang Ho-Cheung

Born in Hong Kong in 1973, Pang Ho-Cheung showed a talent for the arts at a young age. At age eight, he started sketching with the esteemed painter Chen Haiying at the Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts, followed by airbrushing and graphic design at age thirteen as inspired by the works of Hajime Sorayama. He was also actively involved in drama during school. 

Though he fared less well academically and never graduated with a diploma, Pang is a proud secondary school drop-out. His working experiences range from being a postman, peddler, hotel housekeeper, karaoke porter, children painting tutor and restaurant waiter. To make extra dollars, Pang wrote short stories and movie commentaries for local newspapers and magazines which paved his way to an artistic career. In 1994, he took up a role as comedy scriptwriter for Hong Kong Asian Television Limited.

Pang is now is a prolific film director, photographer, and writer. credited as one of the region’s most popular directors. Best known for YOU SHOOT, I SHOOT (2001), ISABELLA (2006) and LOVE IN THE BUFF (2012), his films are imbued with dark humour and his unique style of portraying the realities of everyday Hong Kong life has won him fans and awards the world over. Pang, an award-winning writer, has also produced more than thirty novels and short stories, many of which have been made into films.

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Pang Ho-Cheung