“This dizzying political doc offers a participatory glimpse at the student movements that rippled throughout Brazil during the past decade.” - Point of View Magazine

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Live Panel: Student Activism and Education (Films WE ARE THE RADICAL MONARCHS and YOUR TURN)

Thursday May 6 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (Seattle time)

YOUR TURN Protagonist and Student Activist, Marcela Jesus
Camilla Croso, Director of Education Program, Open Society Foundations

WE ARE THE RADICAL MONARCHS Film Director, Linda Goldstein Knowlton
Supriya Baily, Associate Professor George Mason University, Vice President of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)



• Winner of The Amnesty International Film Award, The Independent Peace Film Prize - Berlin Film Festival 2019


This vibrant, explosive documentary follows the Brazilian student movements from 2013 to 2018. Their struggle is narrated by three high school students who are key activists within them. The movie narrative structure and footage is inspired on the language of the student movements (decentralized, without hierachy and leaders, organic and self-organizing) and gives it a unique visceral energy. As we jump back and forth in time, the narrators connect student protests to various social issues (from high fees for public transport, to budget cuts in public education, to the shutting down of schools, to school - prison connections, and systemic racism). One of the narrators reflects: “I realize that schools don't teach us how to organize ourselves politically. Schools don´t teach about social movements. Schools don´t promote debates on how to question, how to transform society. And I don´t think it’s random.” The movie also provides a unique inside view of the internal decision-making process of the student movement with its tensions and complexity. Throughout, we are witness to the often brutal violent response of the police and Brazilian state. As the movie ends, Jair Bolsonaro is elected President in 2018 and declares that all activism in Brazil will end. And yet, the students’ fight for a free, quality, and critical education must go on; we are inspired by their political energy, courage, and dreams.

About the director

Eliza Capai, born in Brazil, is an independent documentary filmmaker focusing on social topics. Her debut feature HERE IS SO FAR (2014), was filmed in Africa. In THE TORTOISE AND THE TAPIR (2017), she researched enormous hydroelectric plants in the Amazon.

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Eliza Capai

Original Title

Espero tua Revolta



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