THE SWELL Series 1

  • Johan Nijenhuis
  • |
  • 6 Episodes

A heavy northwestern storm is heading towards The Netherlands and Belgium and threatens to break dikes and flood the lower areas of the two countries.


Episode 1 - Dike Ring 14

A heavy storm passes along Western Europe. When the Belgian prime minister decides to evacuate the coast of Belgium, the Dutch prime minister is faced with a major dilemma.

Episode 2 - Code Red

The coastal regions of Belgium and the Netherlands quickly flood now that the dikes are broken. In addition, the highways in the Randstad are congested because of the uncoordinated evacuation towards higher ground.

Episode 3 - Silence After the Storm

The day after the storm the damage is visible: the water is 2.5 meters high in the coastal region, and tens of thousands of people are missing.

Episode 4 - On Dry Land

While Ronnie and Samir are paddling their way out of a flooded Rotterdam, Prime Minister Kreuger is already working on reconstruction.

Episode 5 - A Warm Heart

Both Ronnie and Samir are on dry land in search of their families. Now that the refugees’ camps are organized and families are re-united, a Thanksgiving Day is held.

Episode 6 - Netherlands Above Water

The water moves away and slowly the future looks bright again: Ronnie wants to take his family abroad, Stein searches for Kimmy with good news about her mother