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Campus Ciné-Festival

→ November 15 - December 15, 2022
→ Only in India
→ Limited Tickets
→ Absolutely free!

The European Union Film Festival India is an annual event celebrating the diversity and depth of European cinema and culture. The 27th edition of the festival celebrates the return to the in-theatre experience after two years of the pandemic while retaining its virtual avatar. The festival will feature outstanding, award-winning films from all 27 European Union countries, celebrating the most recent cinematic triumphs at Cannes, Tribeca, Tallinn, Venice, Berlin, and San Sebastian, amongst others.

The films offer a ‘Window to Europe’ and demonstrate the power of cinema to transcend boundaries and create shared experiences, highlighting individual stories yet reflecting universal experiences. This year marks 60 years of diplomatic ties between the EU and India. To celebrate this milestone the festival features a specially curated section: India @ European Film Festivals. With a fine line-up of films that have received accolades and mesmerised audiences around the world, the festival offers viewers an insight into the artistic underpinnings of Indian filmmaking.

Given the immediacy of the climate emergency, the festival features unique stories of ecological awareness, challenges, and unique tales of combating them as we celebrate the planet we call home. After all, cinema does not just tell us about climate change but can also directly act to contribute to fighting it.

Rich in genres and themes, the films take the audience on a journey with stories that underline the crucial role of inter-generational and intercultural dialogue and celebrate the creative and cultural exchange between the EU and India. With this special line-up, we welcome you to the 27th edition of the European Union Film Festival in India!

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