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International Film Festivals have been turned upside down with the pandemic and what was an online experiment has very often become a matter of survival. We long to have festivals back in cinemas IRL, till then we thrive to help them launch online in the best possible way, with media partners on board and at reduced costs, offering them as much a home as a technical and promotional launchpad.

Film lovers from around the world, unite! and join our efforts in keeping independent cinema alive! Be daring and explore the talents of tomorrow that have been carefully selected for you! Catch up from prestigious festivals’ programming and discover the others!

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*Please note that if you are a film professional and have an account on Festival Scope Pro you will need to create a new one for this platform in order to reserve tickets.

Alessandro Raja:

Where does Alessandro come from?
Italy and a solid sales background at Celluloid Dreams and Coproduction Office.

What does Alessandro do?
Alessandro got the idea and strength to develop it! He oversees all aspects of Festival Scope. He is also programming for the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Mathilde Henrot:

Where does Mathilde come from?
Paris and the experience of sales and acquisitions at MK2.

What does Mathilde do?
Mathilde handles communication, financial & legal matters… She is also programming for the Locarno Film Festival and the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Tanner Stechnij:

Where does Tanner come from?
Austin, Texas and then Phoenix, Arizona – in the desert, they studied journalism.

What does Tanner do?
They ensure Festival Scope users always have the most up-to-date selection of films from the world’s festivals! They also oversee collaborations with festivals in North America and English-speaking countries, among others.

Matthieu Eberhardt:

Where does Matthieu come from?
France, with a background in Film Studies and Cultural Management.

What does Matthieu do?
Matthieu is involved in developing media partnerships and marketing campaigns while working directly with film festivals to bring an ever-changing selection of films to Festival Scope.

Wilmer Daniel Moya Lalinde:

Where does Will come from?
Colombia with a background in Film Production and studies in Film Distribution and Marketing in the UK.

What does Will do?
Will works with film festivals to bring the finest cinema to film lovers worldwide. He also helps film festivals across the world to develop their online version to keep cinema alive, against all odds.

Dominique Gregory:

Where does Dominique come from?
London, UK, with a background in Film and American Studies.

What does Dominique do?
Dominique coordinates festivals from Europe and Asia for Festival Scope Pro and contributes in user engagement.

Dunja Subasic:

Where does Dunja come from?
Serbia, with a background in documentary cinema and filmmaking.

What does Dunja do?
Dunja helps to upkeep the Festival Scope Pro site fresh and bold.

Emanuele Sacchi:

Where does Emanuele come from?
Milan, Italy, and a mixed background in account management for software companies, film programming and journalism.

What does Emanuele do?
Emanuele helps developing many online festivals in Europe and the Middle East.

Veronica Schirru:

Where does Veronica come from?
Italy, with a background in art, anthropology, and cinema.

What does Veronica do?
Veronica helps keep the Festival Scope site up to date and develops collaborations with festivals.

Tuğçe M. Demir:

Where does Tuğçe come from?
From the heart of Anatolia, real “All-Arounder” with technical and social skills, and a background in Brand Management and Cultural & Creative Industries.

What does Tuğçe do?
Tuğçe inspects not only the technical aspects of the Festival Scope Pro and its relatives, but also explores new features to improve your cinematic journey.

Nicolò Squeo:

Where does Nicolò come from?
Italy, with a background in economics, cultural management and film festivals.

What does Nicolò do?
Nicolò updates the Festival Scope Pro website with new films and helps manage our film festival partnerships.

Chiara Montoneri:

Where does Chiara come from?
France, Italy and Brazil with a background in Latin-American political science and cultural management.

What does Chiara do?
Chiara helps to keep Festival Scope Pro up to date with fresh films and directors, but also takes care of the newsletter and social media.

Malvina Veneziano:

Where does Malvina come from?
Italy, with a background in Italian, French and international law.

What does Malvina do?
Malvina updates the Festival Scope Pro website with new films, and helps managing our film festival organization.

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