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Anna Zett 2023 32m

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Anna Zett collages forgotten footage from the Berlin Archive of the GDR Opposition into a pulsating and poetic short thriller. A now defunct police state is made tangible both as a source of nebulous horror, and as a site of intimate political agency.

About the director

Anna Zett

Anna Zett is an artist and writer. Centering the embodied experience of dialog, her analytical and emotional practice questions dominant structues and invites association and recovery. This work has resulted in films, books, radio plays, installations and participatory live formats, most recently, for example, the multi-year choreographic research “Post-Socialist Group Improvisation”. Since her first film release in 2014, Zetts work has been shown in the international art context and at film festivals, for example at Berlinale Forum Expanded, Serpentine Gallery London, Whitney Museum New York, Berlinische Gallerie, CAC Vilnius, Or Gallery Vancouver, HKW Berlin. Her publications include two experimental radio plays for the German public broadcast and the literary text collection Artificial Gut Feeling (Divided Publishing, 2019). Anna Zett grew up in Leipzig and lives in Berlin.


Anna Zett





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