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Mateo Vega 2023 18m

Available worldwide except Switzerland

New Directors/New Films


An immersive architectural film poem narrated by disembodied voices. Center, Ring, Mall offers perspectives on three urban structures, each representing the illusion of utopian promise. The viewer is drawn into a realm of sensualised concrete matter and abstract textures where 16mm grain expressively juxtaposes 3D images of paused time.

About the directors
Mateo Vega

Mateo Vega (Lima, 1994) is a filmmaker and artist from Peru raised in Amsterdam, and a graduate of Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam University College and The New School. The starting point of their work is the subjective experience of (urban) space, and the politics, histories and futurities embedded in landscapes, architecture and infrastructure. Their films and installations have been supported by Mondriaan Fund, the Netherlands Film Fund, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, and shown at places like MoMA, Film at Lincoln Center, International Film Festival Rotterdam, DMZ Docs, FNC Montréal, Glasgow SFF, Guanajuato IFF, Framer Framed, Amsterdam Museum, and Theater Rotterdam.


Mateo Vega




Netherlands, Peru

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