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Jaffa: Mother of the Stranger

Raed Duzdar 2019 1h 12m

Available worldwide (excluding France and Germany)


Jaffa tells the story of the city from the perspective of those who lived there before their expulsion in 1948. They share their narratives and memories in order to describe life in Jaffa before the Nakba: details like the layout of neighbourhoods and roads, and the markets and cultural centres, as well as the citrus industry. Together, their accounts paint a picture of a vibrant city, stolen by colonization.


Jaffa raconte l’histoire de la ville de la perspective de ceux qui y ont vécu avant leur expulsion en 1948. Ils partagent des souvenirs et histoires afin de décrire la vie là-bas avant la Nakba: les détails du quartier, des routes, des marchés, et des centres culturels.



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