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Assaf Gruber 2023 17m

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A naked musician in search of inspiration. A museum depot where paintings and sculptures lie hidden away from our gaze. An appealing tune rising from an old harmonica… What at first seems an absurd and enigmatic performance little by little becomes a voyage into a troubling European mythology that has the shape of ancient landscapes and mystic figures. With subtle irony, Assaf Gruber invites us to question our perception of art and entertainment.

About the director

Assaf Gruber

Assaf Gruber (b. Jerusalem, 1980) is a sculptor and filmmaker living and working in Berlin. The dynamic relationship between individuals and institutions is at the center of his practice, which aims to explore both how the political orientation of legacy establishments impact the lives of individuals and how these organizations choose to represent and communicate facts and their attendant artifacts. His filmography includes THE CALLING (2017), THE CONSPICUOUOS PARTS (2018) and TRANSIENT WITNESS (2021). His latest film RUDE WITNESS (2022) was selected at FID Marseille.


Assaf Gruber


Simon Veroneg



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