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Cecilie Debell, Maria Tórgarð 2021 1h 15m


Dania, 21, grew up in a Christian congregation on the Faroe Islands. she recently moved to tórshavn, where she became romantically involved with hip-hop artist and poet Trygvi, aka silver boy. he is from a secular family and writes dark hip-hop lyrics. fascinated by Trygve’s courage to write brutally honest lyrics about being human, Dania starts writing more personal texts that amount to a collection of poems, ‘skál’, critical of the double life she and other young people are forced to live in order to fit within the strict Christian framework. where to draw the line, when you are young and Christian? is it a sin to drink? is it a sin to have a boyfriend who isn’t Christian? how long is it possible to uphold a double life?

Director’s bio

Cecilie Debell Graduated with a degree in journalism from Roskilde University in 2015. Debell has worked in TV as a director and postproducer on documentary series for the Danish national broadcasters DR and TV2. Her long form documentary debut ‘Min mor er pink’ (2017) was selected for more than 10 international film festivals, including CPH:DOX and Sheffield DocFest. ‘Skál’ (2021, co-directed by Maria Tórgarð) was selected for the main competition at CPH:DOX.

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