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Hanna Hovitie 2023 17m

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A circle is the set of points in a plane that are equidistant from a given point, the center of the circle. A circle symbolizes infinity, eternity, totality and perfection. And yet, a perfect circle doesn’t exist. Square the Circle is a little circular film about one person’s round trip out to the (un)known universe and into themselves in search of a sense of belonging. To “square the circle” is an attempt to do the impossible: look into infinity, accept the perpetual passing of time, survive a long dark winter in the Northern Hemisphere or find one’s own place when you don’t quite fit in. To be a circle in a world of squares.

About the director

Hanna Hovitie

Hanna Hovitie (born in 1991) is a film director and artist from Helsinki, Finland. She holds a BA in Cinematography and Editing and an MA of Arts in Documentary Directing. Her first short documentary MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP(2015) was screened at 60+ international film festivals and won 6 awards. Following shorts TERRARIA (2019) and TO FEATHER, TO WITHER (2020) went on to screen at several major FF such as DOK Leipzig, Sheffield Doc/Fest and Melbourne IFF. Both films were nominated for the Silver Eye Award, To Feather, to Wither being awarded a Special Mention. Her latest work is SQUARE THE CIRCLE (2023) which has been selected for IFFR 2023.

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Hanna Hovitie





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