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Kervens Jimenez, Taylor McIntosh 2023 14m

Available worldwide (Except USA)


Kervens ‘Tito’ Jimenez was imprisoned in his native Haiti at the age of 17 for a crime he did not commit and was never tried for. These images were captured by him via a camera he smuggled into the prison. The final edit of this film is in honour of the late Tito, who was murdered at the age of 25.

About the director

Kervens Jimenez

Kerven Jimenez (1989-2015, Haiti) was imprisoned at age 17 for a crime he was never convicted for. He recorded his life behind bars, the result of which is TITO (2022), selected for IFFR 2023. Jimenez spent five years in a National Penitentiary before his case was dismissed with the help of a human rights lawyer. He was killed in 2015 at age 25.

Taylor McIntosh

Cinematographer and filmmaker Tayor McIntosh is based in New York, and shoots both branded commercial content and films. His work on MAGIC KINGDOM (2020) won Best Cinematography at the Independent Shorts Awards and Best Lighting Design at the 2019 New York Cinematography Awards. His latest film is TITO (2022).


English, Haitian Creole



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