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José Cardoso 2023 29m

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A vibrant and diverse community flourished in the fertile South Africa lands. Today its elders tell the story of how their people were uprooted from neighboring lands and thrown into deserted areas; the suffering separation left scars but never transformed them into individualstic beings. Despite the forced separation that occurred in the 1960s, today they remain togheter thanks to their wisdom and faith. A University was built on their lands, and today this insitution is riddled with guilt as it was the epicentre of apartheid thought, but to return the land seems i,possible. The elders light up the screen with their way of approcaching the problem; Community wisdom, spirituality, and patience faces what apartheid tried to take away from fifty years before.

About the director

José Cardoso

José Cardoso is a spanish director developing fictions films, animation and coulentaries, on themes that revolve around surrealism, conscience and anti-colonialism. His feature film IWIANCH, THE DEVIL DEER (2020) has been selected at the 59th Ann Arbor FF. His latest work is WHAT THE SOIL REMEMBERS (2023) which has been selected for IFFR 2023.


José Cardoso


María Fernanda García


Jethro Louw


English, Afrikaans, Xhosa


South Africa, Ecuador

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