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This season’s selection of films from Japan proves as eclectic as ever with a fascinating diversity of styles and themes, by emerging and established creators. The festival is thrilled to present the World Premiere of Japan’s new anime film HAPPY-GO-LUCKY DAYS based on the manga series by Takako Shimura; and two indie films giving intimate looks into the lives of the sex workers and the homeless people: LIFE: UNTITLED, adapted from her own stage play, Kana Yamada’s directorial debut is a multi-faceted portrayal of women’s lives intersecting with a Tokyo escort service; and the North American Premiere of A DOBUGAWA DREAM, director Asato Watanabe’s tale of a young man in what could be described as a substitute family in this strange, surreal world of suburban Japan.

Lastly, the off-beat LIFE FINDS A WAY by director Hirobumi Watanabe will resonant with all the filmmakers having writer’s block and the tension between everyday life and being a filmmaker.

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