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The European Union is launching the first “Bangladesh EU film festival” (BEUFF), to promote the EU’s cultural exchange with Bangladesh, which begins on 9 June and will last until the end of the month to mark the 50 years of Bangladesh’s independence. 7 EU feature films, 7 Bangladeshi films from young aspiring filmmakers, particularly women, and 7 short movies on climate change are being screened at the online platform Festival Scope and are available free of cost to all audiences residing in Bangladesh. The 7 European movies, one per EU Member State represented in Bangladesh, are all subtitled in Bangla. We hope you will enjoy being a part of this journey.

The European Union (EU) – a trusted partner of Bangladesh since independence – cooperates with Bangladesh’s government on many crucial areas: empowerment of women and girls, education and training, social protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation, food and nutrition security, migration and good governance. The EU and its Member States are also going to launch two new major Team Europe Initiatives: one on decent work and the other on green energy transition.

EU – a trusted partner of Bangladesh

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