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Curtas Vila do Conde IFF is now one of the major film and cultural events in Portugal. Since 1993, the Festival has consolidated its position as a promoter of the latest trends in contemporary cinema and also gained a prominent place on the European scene of international film festivals. The 31st edition will take place from 8th to 16th July 2023 and an amazing community of directors, producers, artists, curators, programmers, critics, journalists and film enthusiasts of all ages are most welcome and invited to come to Vila do Conde. Besides the competitive program, Curtas also presents special sessions, film-concerts, exhibitions, full retrospectives of the authors in focus, workshops, talks and debates. At the present stage, the program is still being prepared, since the festival presents new and still unreleased films (world premieres, international premieres or national premieres). However, the festival has already some special programs and retrospectives planned. Curtas Vila do Conde is both an EFA and OSCAR® Qualifying Film Festival.


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