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→ August 11th - 28th 2022
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This debut feature from 23-year-old director Emma-Kate Croghan - shot in just 17 days - is a breezy Australian rom-com with a refreshing point of view of the 90s college milieu. It lambasts the complexity of university administrative formalities, in close kinship with Cédric Klapisch’s kaleidoscopic world and the constant reflexivity of the best Noah Baumbach films. With a raw and incendiary portrayal of youth in its last days, it kickstarted Frances O’Connor and Radha Mitchell’s acting careers. It examines the strain of love in all its shapes and wonderfully catches the chaos of being overwhelmed by intellectual crises, erotic desires, and fickle moods. Genuinely human, LOVE AND OTHER CATASTROPHES is a tantalizing ode to love and destiny that hasn’t aged a day.

For film lovers in Australia, discover LOVE AND OTHER CATASTROPHES plus a wider selection of films from the Melbourne IFF through MIFF Play.


Emma Kate-Croghan 1996 1h 20m

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