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“Only radical empathy can save the world.” - King, C. (2016)

→ April 25 - May 23 2021
→ Free*
→ Limited Tickets

*PRIVATE, access to this Festivalette space SHOULD NOT BE shared due to the film’s distribution rights.

Cinematic Spaces of Education Film Festivalette: Empathy and Activism for Social Responsibility
Through Film we Educate, Inspire and Make Change

The seventh edition of the CIES 2021 Education Film Festivalette, created and funded by the Open Society Foundations’ Education Program, showcases films from around the world that explore the connections between empathy, activism and social responsibility. It includes award-winning content from the Middle East, North Asia, West Africa, Europe, North America, and South America.
While the program reflects a broad understanding of education as an undertaking that goes beyond formal schooling, these films raise questions relevant to teaching empathy and activism including: How can we promote empathy through our pedagogies? Should educators be activists?

Contact the festival here: Facebook: @ciesfilm Twitter: @ciesfilm

You can access the live zoom discussions at 8am to 9:30am PDT time May 4 through May 7, by clicking on the “Join the Live Panel” icon in each film´s page.

You can rent (for free) the films again after your watch window for the rental ends.



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