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→ 7 - 13 November 2022
→ Free
→ 500 views per film
→ Country availability may vary
→ In the original language with English subtitles

7 days, 7 stories to celebrate 15 years of making films together!

This November will mark an important achievement for the TorinoFilmLab: in 2008 we spotlighted a group of promising directors and their stories for the first time. Since then, the Turin-based, internationally active laboratory has been fostering talented film professionals worldwide, supporting the development of their projects, and providing specialised training programs, including distribution funds, production, and networking opportunities.

As the TorinoFilmLab is approaching its 15th anniversary, we want to live it up with all the people who became part of our history and are throwing nothing less than a watch party! Over the course of 7 days, the TFL Film Parade is offering a selection of titles chosen from the more than 150 films developed within our programmes, to represent the multiple souls and voices that TorinoFilmLab encouraged and continues to embrace. 7 stories exploring new genres and topics, 7 films from 6 continents, awarded by A-Festivals worldwide, by 7 auteurs whose daring new voices the TorinoFilmLab contributed to discover and helped to push further. Join us on the TFL Film Parade!

#TFLfilmParade - Celebrating 15 years of making films together!

TorinoFilmLab is organised by the National Museum of Cinema and supported by Creative Europe - MEDIA sub-programme of the European Union, Ministero della Cultura, Regione Piemonte and Città di Torino.

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